“Over the past several months that I have been receiving sessions with Chris Capitelli of Root Health, I have felt so touched in my heart that I was brought to tears numerous times as Chris imparted his knowledge, wisdom, and particular blend of transformational bodywork magic.  Among his many gifts: strong and nurturing hands-on healing including massage, cranial-sacral, and zero-balancing techniques, conscious presence and perceptive listening (to body/mind/spirit/intuition), and loving kindness.  Incidentally, I’ve also been able to heal some old wounds around my relationship with man and the masculine as well as my relationship with my own feminine power and beauty through my work with Chris.  On top of that, at least half the time I’m ready to go to bed after a session, such is the profoundly de-stressing and relaxing effect of Chris’ work.  If you have been on a spiritual and/or personal growth path for any length of time and desire to take your healing and/or well-being to the next level, then love yourself enough to schedule with Chris immediately!”

Kande at InfiniteRichness.com

“I was in a car accident in July. At first I thought I was fine, minor concussion, otherwise walked away. But I struggled with horrible post concussion symptoms they were effecting my every day life. Chris truly helped me become me again. I benefitted In massive ways from the cranial sacral therapy, energy work and massage. I even started sleeping better. I can’t say thank you enough for taking time to listen to me, my body and my needs. I’m back to being the mom, wife, employee and boss I was prior to the accident and that’s the best result I could have gotten.”

Kate M.

“Chris is gifted and has helped me get more grounded with transition in my life. I would highly recommend Root Health. His thoughtful healing touch is powerful and after sessions, it leaves you feeling inspired, more conscious and overall good.”

Lena W.

“Through my work with Chris I have noticed an increased energy level as well as a calmer nervous system. Chris has a warm and easy going presence in addition to a deep therapeutic approach.”

Will G.