Remote Sessions

Remote work is a bit outside the cultural paradigm but is a powerful mode of healing nonetheless. This is a great option for folks that cannot make it to my office or live too far away. I been doing remote work for some time and have been having great results with people.

If you are someone that focuses on the results of how you feel after sessions, remote sessions might be a good fit for you. If you are a person that needs to know how or why remotes sessions work this may not be the modality for you. A good place to start to get some context would be to look up “quantum entanglement” to get a scientific explanation.

If you might be interested but have questions, please reach out and I’d be happy to chat. I also offer free 15 minute sample sessions so you can see for yourself if it’s a good fit. 30 minute “stillness sessions” are also available and are $50 per session. All of my regular rates apply for longer sessions.

“I am so grateful that Chris has remote sessions available during these very challenging times! I am healing severe trauma and PTSD and there is no loss in the remote sessions whatsoever! I feel deeply supported, and everything that is available within one on one personal sessions with Chris in his office is completely available in the remote sessions. The work that Chris does is a huge blessing in my life! And being in the massage and healing field myself for over 20 years, I only choose the very best practitioners who can support me and help me with my healing needs. Hands down Chris shows up above and beyond in every session, and is truly gifted and very skilled!” -Eric K.

“My remote session with Chris was excellent. We were able to discuss in detail how I was feeling and what I felt most needed addressing, with the added comfort of being in my own space to process, It was especially interesting to be able to feel the energy of my room shift when he began the session, as opposed to being in an unfamiliar office. I highly recommend a remote session with Chris, and will be scheduling another!”-Sam N.

“In my remote sessions with Chris I could feel the energy in my body moving, also a sense of calm and my pain diminishing. The areas he focused on definitely felt better, and afterwards I felt a surge of energy and continued to feel better in the days following my session”-Christine C.