Health Coaching

Do you feel unsatisfied with your current level of health and vitality? Would you like a higher level of fitness and energy to be more effective and enjoy your life more? Do you feel overwhelmed on how or where to start making changes? At Root Health I now offer comprehensive health coaching to help support you reaching all your health goals. I provide guidance in many areas including diet, exercise, mindfulness practices, mindset, lifestyle choices, and emotional well being. In this 6 month program we will take an in depth look at all parts of your life to get clear on what’s working and what isn’t working. We will prioritize desires and then implement a few simple changes to help get you going on the right track. Once you start feeling the results motivation will build upon itself. Every journey begins with a single step. Call today to schedule your free 30 min consult and begin your journey to a healthier and happier you.



6 month program-$200/month ($200 discount for up front payment)


  1. Two 60 minute sessions per month either in person, by phone or Skype)
  2. unlimited email support
  3. resources and tools to work with between sessions