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licensed massage therapist
registered yoga teacher
craniosacral therapist
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Chris Capitelli has been a professional bodyworker for well over a decade and has worked with thousands of bodies. He has worked with the full spectrum of the human experience, including professional athletes, spinal chord injury patients, infants, the elderly and everything in between.

Chris has been a lifelong athlete and has always been fascinated with the human body and its workings. His time as a college football player at Tufts University gave him an intimate knowledge of injuries and how to heal his own body. After some soul searching in his twenties Chris became very clear that he wanted to be of service to those around him and this included finding a job where he could help people and ease their suffering. Because of this desire Chris enrolled at The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2001. After completing the 1000 hour training Chris went on to complete the graduate AOS program which included training in medical massage, trauma resolution and Cranialsacral Therapy.

In 2006 Chris had the opportunity to move to San Diego and work at a center for neurological disorders called The Awakenings Health Institute. There Chris worked with many different people dealing with different challenges including brain injuries, stroke, and spinal chord injuries. This opportunity has given Chris a deep understanding of the body and nervous system and the exquisite healing capacity of the human body and psyche. Chris also received his 200 hour yoga teacher training during his time in San Diego. Chris has been deeply impacted by his study of yoga and meditation and brings much of this experience to his work with his clients.

In 2011 Chris moved back to Boulder to study Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy at the Colorado School of Energy Studies. Chris has always felt that our inner world and energetic selves are reflected in our bodies and outside world. If issues are not addressed on this level the healing is not complete. Chris has always had a natural inclination and sensitivity to working with energy and that led him delve deeper into it’s study at CSES. He graduated the 750 hour training in 2012 and has been bringing much more of this work into his work with people.

Chris is a lifelong explorer and learner on the path of the healing arts. His greatest passion is sharing what he has learned personally with others to allow them to have greater ease and joy in their lives. Chris has healed himself from a severe chronic illness and knows full well how challenging life can be when we are not at our optimal health. This has given Chris a profound appreciation for health and wellbeing as well as a deep compassion for those that are suffering with poor health or injuries.