In constant pain? Feeling bloated and sluggish after eating? Always tired? Feeling flat, low, uninspired? Feeling angry or irritated? Lost your creativity and spark? Tried many things, but nothing seems to last?

These are glaring signs that your body is not happy, your body is out of energy and no matter how much caffeine you pour into it, you just keep feeling worse. Your body is craving to be healthy, it’s dry and parched and is crying out for you to notice and pay attention.

Root Health delivers a special advanced form of massage and energy work designed to return vitality to your body. 

In your initial 90 minutes session, master body worker, Chris Capitelli, will address your body from a unique holistic perspective. You will receive a detailed analysis clarifying problems beyond just your symptoms. You will receive massage and hands-on energy therapy to restore balance and health. Finally he will give you a personalized plan of action for your body to help relieve pain and restore your spark.

The type of work Chris does is gentle and perfect for children and infants.

About Root Health

Is chronic pain keeping you from doing the things you love? Are you active now but want to stay that way for years to come? At Root Health I will help to clearly identify what is keeping you from the things you love doing, and then work to get you back on track. Or keeping you doing all the things that make life worth living. I use a combination of hands on massage and energy work, and health coaching within a specifically designed treatment for you to reach your health goals. I will address the symptoms on the surface as well as the underlying energetic imbalances that can restrict things from healing fully. Our inner world and energy is reflected in our outer world, so working with this level is imperative. Call today to schedule your free 30 min consult to see how Root Health can help you.

Here are some powerful things Energy Based Bodywork can do:

  • Release Stress Held in the Nervous System and Induce Deep Relaxation
  • Decrease Pain
  • Facilitate Greater Connection to Self
  • Foster Self-Growth and Discovery
  • Increase Clarity and Purpose
  • Increase Feelings of Happiness and Well-Being
  • Increase Self-Acceptance
  • Increase Vitality and Creativity
  • Help to Alleviate the Symptoms Associated with Neck & Shoulder Issues,Jaw Issues, Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Induce a Greater Appreciation for the Underlying Intelligence of the Body and All of Life